How it Works


Big League (Fantasia Billiards, Burbank.)

League capacity: 14 Teams (56 players.)
League length: 8 weeks of play. (One night per week, about 3 hours.)
Teams: 4 players per team, Co-Ed (21+ yrs.)


(TBD.) Small League (The Brickyard Pub, NoHo.)

League capacity: 10 teams (40 players.)
League length: 6 weeks of play. (One night per week, about 3 hours.)
Teams: 4 players per team, Co-Ed (21+ yrs.)




  • ALL registred teams will be playing until finals.
  • With teams of 4 players, each team will play two teams per evening. (Team Battles.)
  • All games are played one-on-one with standard 8-ball rules.
  • Who plays against who during a battle will be up to you, your team mates and your opponents.
  • 4 games must be played per Team Battle, regardless of absence of players. If for example two players are missing on each team, some players will need to play an additional game.
  • Only two opposing players will play at a time. When one game is in progress, none of your team mates can take your shot. ADVICE IS FINE.
  • If your entire team is absent on one evening, your team FORFEITS both games for the night. Shit!
  • Games start at 7.30pm sharp! Please be on time. However, as long as one or more players on your team of four is present, games can begin.
  • Max play time for one game is 20 minutes. This is in order for your team to be able to play two teams per evening. (One pool game averages about 10 minutes.) If a winner has not been determined after 20 minutes, the leading player (the player with least amount of balls left on the table) wins the game.
  • Up until the last week of the season, all teams will have played each other.
  • When you or your team mate wins a game, your team collects one point. The 7 teams (big league) or 5 teams (small league) that collected most points during the first 7 weeks (big league) or first 5 weeks (small league) will remain for 2 weeks of finals. (Explained below.)



(Keep in mind.. it’s not like you have to understand this in order to play. We got you.)

  • The team with most collected points reserves the one spot in the Semifinal.
  • By hat draw, Team Battles are established up until the Semifinal, where winners will meet (as illustrated below.)
  • As always, it will be up to the 8 players in a Team Battle to determine who will be playing who.