In PFF – (Pool For Fun) we pride ourselves on being an all-fun billiards league with no judgment. We hear you! Pool can be intimidating. Maybe you haven’t played much pool in your life. Maybe never? Perhaps you have passed on the opportunity in fear of making an ass of yourself. Well my friend, you have been missing out. Pool is meant to be fun, and we are here to deliver! In PFF we welcome all skill levels. With teams of 4 players, your team will meet two teams (Team Battles) one evening of the week. All games are played ONE-ON-ONE. (For more details go to “How it Works.”) Improving your game is inevitable and fun as you’ll keep growing your skills side by side your PFF family.

Live your best life! In PFF our mission is to connect people and make life more fun. Making new friendships as adults can be hard, but it does not have to be. We want to be that small change you make in your life to create HUGE impacts on your happiness, wellbeing and excitement. We want to provide a sense of stability – a place to go once per week to unwind, expand your social circle and enjoy life, while playing pool. Who ever said that the grownup life should be any less social than our college- and high school years?

We can’t wait to include you in our PFF family.
See you at the tables!

PFF <3

Make Friends / Break Balls